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We all love spending time outdoors, especially in the warm summer months. A functional outdoor living space has many benefits. You’ll have an outdoor extension of your home that is perfect for spending time with family, relaxing, dining and entertaining. Plus, spending more time in nature can help reduce stress, increase productivity and improve mental and physical health! Enhance your outdoor living space with stylish, comfortable outdoor furniture that is customized to fit your design tastes, budget and lifestyle.

Outdoor Rooms Without Walls specializes in creating or enhancing that outdoor living space by providing high-quality, timeless and comfortable furniture at affordable prices. They are experts when it comes to outdoor living and their extensive knowledge of design along with their friendly customer service will help transform your yard into your dream outdoor living space.

On top of their expertise, the furniture and accessories you’ll find at Outdoor Rooms Without Walls is different than what you can find at a big box store. Whether you have an expansive back yard or a tiny courtyard-style patio, you will find beautiful outdoor furniture to fit your space.

“There is no space that we can’t accommodate,” said Amber Rae, owner of Outdoor Rooms Without Walls. “Each piece of our sectionals are interchangeable and we can arrange them to fit any size of space.”

With our individual pieces they can build any size sectional including adding a chaise lounger. By placing the large coffee table into the corner it transforms into a conversational style sectional. If a sectional is not what you’re looking for, add individual arms to create club chairs, love seats or sofas. We buy ugly houses

“This is our own line of furniture and we have everything manufactured. That means it can never be discontinued,” said Rae. If you change your mind and want to add sections and features, Outdoor Rooms Without Walls can accommodate those changes.

Beyond being totally customizable, the furniture from Outdoor Rooms Without Walls is incredibly durable, built to withstand the harshest climates year round without compromising style and design. It’s built with a variety of materials including resilient powder coated aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic and synthetic woven resin, teak and sling materials that are UV and mildew resistant. All come in a variety of finishes and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. That means you can relax, worry free, every month of the year.

Not sure if the furniture you love will fit into your space? Stop into Outdoor Rooms Without Walls and pick up a sectional brochure along with all the measurements. Then you can map out your space with green painter’s tape, see what fits and start creating a budget. Along with a complete line of sectional pieces, you can also choose through a selection of dining sets, bar sets, planters, fire tables, deck boxes, dog beds, florals and other décor. Don’t want to get it all at once? You can always add a few new products each year and expand your ideal outdoor living space over time.

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Top 5 Home Improvements

Smart homeowners choose wisely in improvements they invest into their home to increase future value. Research has found there are certain home improvements that will increase the value of your home more then others. If you are improving your home in order to sell it at some point down the road for more then you bought it for, here are the top 5 improvements that will help increase the value of your home;

The Kitchen Remodel; Improving your kitchen is the number 1 way to improve the value of your home. This shared area is the central hub of any family. Food, food preparation and eating areas are all very important when it comes to maximizing quick moments to connect with family and friends. This is what makes improving your kitchen such a huge priority and value for the dollar as well as value for your family.

Bathroom Remodel; these small spaces can pack a lot of value in for the square footage. The bathroom that is available for guests is just as important as the awe inspiring master bathroom. Both of these spaces have huge importance in a home. The guest bathroom communicates to your guests a bit about your character; if your clean, hospitable, orderly and what your style is. The master bathroom is the heart of the cornerstone relationship of the family home. This should create a sense of peace, tranquility and escape.

Improve Curb Side Appeal; Let’s face it, the face of your home says a lot to potential future buyers. People make decisions quickly and a glance from the curb can pull them in or push them away.

Master Bedroom Closet Upgrade; This one can be hugely important to a couple. It can create a space war or provide ample shared space for an organized wardrobe. http://www.jacksonvilleareatreeremoval.com/

Outdoor Space Fun; A great way to improve the value of your home is being creative with creating fun, relaxing and entertaining spaces outside. Pools, patio areas, fire pits and BBQ areas are all things to implement in order to create a fun, relaxing lifestyle space for the outside of your home.

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